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The IRISPen Executive Asian is an outstanding and professional pen scanner solution. The pen scanner allows the recognition of four Asian languages: Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese. Data will be instantaneous retyped into ANY Windows or Mac OS application (such as word processors, e-mail software, on-line databases, spreadsheets, accounting software etc.).

The IRISPen Executive Asian is compact and portable and is installed in 5Ē by a simple plug-and-play. USB powered, it doesnít need additional battery allowing you to easily connect it to your laptop, desktop or tablet PC and to use it wherever you go!

Simply slide the IRISPen Executive Asian over the text you want in your application and it is instantly encoded with an accuracy rate near to perfection!


The IRISPen Executive Asian version offers unique and advanced features to meet the retyping needs of professional users:
Reads four Asian Languages: Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese
User interface are in these four Asian languages (feature only available for Windows)

Scans multiple lines before retyping them into your application

Allows to improve the image quality for a better recognition accuracy

You can enable specific character sets to increase the recognition quality when working on technical documents

You can erase or replace pre-defined characters and encode more easily repetitive letters, symbols, etc.

The dot matrix mode allows to accurately recognize bad-quality documents

The IRISPen Executive presents unbeatable benefits:

Itís very easy-to-use

Itís extremely fast

Itís incredible accurate

Itís smart, portable and versatile


User interface languages

English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish. Under Windows there are 4 asians interfaces also: Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese

System requirements

- For Windows:
A Pentium 166 MHz with 16 MB RAM and
30 MB free disk space is recommended
Runs on Windows XP, ME, 2000 or 98

- For Mac OS:
A Mac OS computer with a G3 processor
Supports Mac OS X up to 10.3 and Mac OS 9.x
Disk space: 50 MB

- A free USB port or from a powered USB hub

- A CD-ROM drive


- Grayscale pen scanner

- USB Connection

- Size: 127mm * 36mm * 24mm
           5 inch * 1.41 inch * 0.94 inch

- Weight: 110 gr - 3.88 oz - 0.24 lb

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