About PT. Aditya Octavo Lumenco

PT. Aditya Octavo Lumenco is a growing and dynamic company involves in marketing, distribution, technical support and services of backup solution. We are a team of experience, dedicated and talented dynamic hardware and software marketers who will ensure that we offer the best customer experience through quality product, efficient response, product availability and professional service. When it was established, we specialize in supplying data storage drive together with its media and services.
To meet the demands of our customer for a one stop service we also supply hardware and software. Since the design and quality of printing products involve IT expertise, we also have printing workshop.
Whether your need of backup devices are for SOHO, Midrange, enterprise and even broadcasting audio, video tapes and printing products, PT. Aditya Octavo Lumenco has you covered.
We provide the drives, tapes etc from all the leading brands. But only the best class products are offered. Most important, we have the expertise and industry knowledge to help you make the right decisions on what is the best for you in your current situation.
We work with various established channels and will soon expand into other Indonesian region. At present, PT. Aditya Octavo Lumenco is the exclusive distributor of Time Machine, a system recovery software and Master Dealer of EMTEC products data storage media and broadcasting audio and video tapes.
We are also in discussion with various parties for strategic partnership for rapid expansion and growth, while working with our suppliers and buyers to built long term partnership based on respect, professionalism and honesty.
As professional users and sophisticated customers alike will testify, we know that when our customers and suppliers are successful, we are also successful we grow and succeed together. In line with our customer-focused approach, Aditya Octavo Lumenco is distinguished by a commitment to deliver flawless service, and by striving to exceed customer expectations.
Our teams of dedicated IT staff are always there at PT. Aditya Octavo Lumenco Infodesk ( info@aol.co.id ) to provide you support and services should you need any help. Should your company interested to introduce your products or to distribute our products, please feel free to contact us.